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Atlanta's Ghost

Sep. 18th, 2004

11:34 am - Literate ghosts.

Little 5 points. Acapella books.

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Sep. 13th, 2004

12:16 am - Fang ghost known in la!

I was in vegas on a company training trip, and we had this graffiti artist there who was teaching people tagging, and he's pretty big from the LA scene. I went up there, and put my name up in angle-script, then, just messing around, I put a few (really crappy) ghosts on the wall. I made some mention of being from atlanta and the guy, who's name eludes me, started jumping up and down and clapping, too excited to be articulate, and told me he had met mr. fang sometime. that he's this short phillipino (?) kid with gold canines who puts the fanghost everywhere.
I found it kinda cool that our ghost, and TOTEMZ as well are nationally known. To be recognizable to a guy from LA is pretty mean feat.

Sep. 1st, 2004

08:49 am - DC Pollo

Found these while biking in DC:

Near the corner of Georgia Ave. and Arkansas Ave.

On 18th st. in Adams Morgan, near Tryst

Aug. 26th, 2004

02:35 pm - OMFG

We've been outdone by the creator:

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Aug. 9th, 2004

12:12 am - Geofry with one F, one F. Geofry

I think fangly has a (retarded?) cousin up in the D.C. area. I spotted this one somewhere in the U Street district (down by 16th & T maybe...)

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Jul. 19th, 2004

08:21 pm - from the desk of Nag Champion

After the concrete wall on Wylie St, separating Cabbagetown from the
railroad yard along Dekalb, was repainted grey, covering all of the
accumulated graffiti, a few lone taggers replaced new work on this
blank slate. You might be interested to know that yesterday someone
with the same grey paint decided to impose editorial influence over
the wall, basically covering back over all but Totem II's fang
ghosts. I am now curious as to the criteria for rendering a piece
sufficiently inspired or skilled enough to not be culled from public
view? Potentially, were this dynamic to continue, we might have a
solid wall composed of the work of only skillful local artists,
albeit only a very few..?

Jul. 6th, 2004

01:09 pm - You may have seen this before.

This ones tucked into a little hole over by MJQ.

Jul. 4th, 2004

06:04 pm - geist

I saw this:

and a few other shots from new angles at: Georgia Graffiti.

Jul. 3rd, 2004

02:02 am - Ghost patch.

It's too bad the new ghost on Wylie street is already painted over from what I hear. I have a few new pictures I will post soon. Slow computer.

Jun. 30th, 2004

02:06 pm - Coupla

First one I've seen in a Window. In fortress Castleberry, like so many others...

This one used to be painted on some terrain cloth they had to sheild the fence at Grady High School. The groundskeepers, in a fit of creative problemsolving, got rid of the graffiti by getting rid of the cloth. You can still see the outlines on the fence, though.

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